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Do you have minor cracks or chips in your smile?

At Coach House Dental, we can fix these minor issues with a simple filling.

We provide a wide range of materials for dental fillings. Depending on your needs and preferences we may recommend one of the following materials:

  • White Fillings
  • Amalgam which is a mixture of metals like silver and copper
  • Tooth-coloured composite made of powdered glass and acrylic resin
What are the benefits of different fillings?

Depending on the filling you choose to receive in our clinic, you benefit from additional benefits.

White and composite fillings are not preferred just for their aesthetic values; they are also substantial. Due to the special mixture of materials found in white fillings, our team can make bespoke fillings that perfectly complement the shades of your natural teeth for a seamless, natural-looking smile. These fillings also don’t require us to remove much, if any, of your natural tooth.

No matter the material, however, fillings are strong and made to last. Fillings give your teeth additional strength following the restorative procedure.

How is the filling placed?

After the tooth is prepped, we remove decay from the affected tooth. Then the tooth is restored using an amalgam or composite filling and cured and shaped.

We finish the procedure with a bite check to make sure your teeth align correctly.

If you need a filling or another restoration, call Coach House Dental 01629 339 600 and book a dental exam.


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