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Coach House Dental Practice, Coldwell Street, Matlock, DE4 4FB

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Having not been to a dentist in many years, I found Mr Ishaaq Ahmed Mirza to be a very understanding and helpful person. He talked me through what he would be doing and as strange as it sound I had a very relaxing experience. Serious in his work but light hearted and jolly in his mannerism. Worked well with the dental nurse a good team together. All staff have been brilliant and very helpful.

Elli Hunt

Can not recommend this dental practise enough. The staff are competent, professional and friendly and with the combined care from everyone at the practice, they helped me get over my fear of needles and of the dentist. Huge thank you to everyone for their support and kindness, you've completely changed my opinion on the dentist.

Lydia Hill

Been away for several years. The building may have changed slightly but the practice is as excellent now as it was when I left. Professional, informative and kind.

Calum Jones

There is a new dentist at the Coachhouse - and I am very impressed with his work. I have had a crown fitted and it was done very well, fitted perfectly. All of the staff are professional and friendly and, as someone who is usually frightened of the dentist, I am almost happy to attend appointments! I would highly recommend anyone using this surgery.

Great Dentist

I went for a routine appointment. I only waited for a short time to be seen and I felt welcome and the staff were friendly.

Routine appointment

Ruth Shaw

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