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The iTero scanner – digitally helping to straighten your teeth

- 06-November-2020 -

Digital dentistry is a constantly evolving aspect of how we treat our patients at Coach House Dental and shines in our Invisalign teeth straightening treatment process. From initial consultation up to creating your final retainer the iTero scanner is used to map out your smile and create a digital impression of your personal treatment journey.

At your initial consultation, the iTero scanner will be used to scan your mouth instead of taking traditional impressions. This is a lot quicker only taking around 2 minutes and removes the need for uncomfortable and widely disliked moulds. This one quick scan allows us to explain every treatment option available to you, recommend the process we think will most suit you and map out the expected treatment journey, allowing you to see how your teeth will look after Invisalign treatment.

As you will see scans are much more precise, patient friendly and offer a myriad of other benefits such as future projections than what could be achieved with traditional impressions. Before and after scans of your teeth not only show you how your journey should begin and end but also allows your dentist to understand how your teeth should progress over time. This allows for a more accurate treatment plan at the start of the procedure and a comparison at each appointment during treatment, Comparisons between the digital projection and your actual progression allow the dentists to keep patients on track and offer recommendations to improve your treatment.

Patient experience is key to us at Coach House which is why we are so proud of our iTero scanner! Patients can now feel more confident in their diagnosis and treatment plan as well as have a quick and comfortable initial consultation.

If you are considering Invisalign teeth straightening and want a patient focused, mould free initial consultation that outlines all the options available and maps your treatment journey get in touch with us today.

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