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Teeth come in all shapes and sizes

- 29-June-2021 -

Like fingerprints our teeth are unique – no two sets of teeth are the same.  Some people’s teeth are naturally larger or smaller than others and the size and position of your teeth can affect the way that they fit together in the mouth.   Overcrowding or misaligned teeth is normal and very common and if you’re worried your dentist will be able to advise what can be done.

The misalignment of teeth can present dental health problems, if your teeth don’t align this can affect the way you chew your food.  Your teeth play an important part in the process of digestion, each type of tooth performs a specific role to make the mechanical process of digestion more efficient and effective.

Unevenly placed teeth may also trap food or make it harder to brush and floss your teeth, increasing the risk of tooth decay and other oral health problems.  The function of teeth doesn’t stop with eating, they also play a vital role in the way that we speak.

If you suffer from any of the following conditions, then it is likely that your teeth are not performing as well as they could:

  • Overbite – When upper front teeth close in front of the lower teeth.
  • Underbite – When lower teeth protrude past upper front teeth.
  • Crossbite – When upper and lower jaws don’t line up.
  • Gap Teeth – You have extra spaces between teeth.
  • Crowded teeth – When there isn’t enough room in the jaw for teeth to fit normally.

Even if your teeth function correctly but you want to improve the way they look and your overall appearance then you can have your teeth straightened.  Straighter teeth are also easier to brush and keep free of harmful plaque – so good news all round!

Coach House Dental in Matlock is an approved Invisalign provider.  We have many happy patients that agree that Invisalign is a treatment that is pain free, convenient and has improved their smile and their confidence.

Invisalign aligners are made from smooth, clear SmartTrack material making them comfortable, flexible, and easy to live with. The aligners are custom made to fit snugly around your teeth and gum line making them far more pleasant to wear compared to the metal braces available.  Your teeth are moved gradually by changing your aligner regularly for the next one in a sequential set.

Invisalign is not only available to adults but is a popular choice amongst teenagers, fitting in well with their busy lifestyles.  Invisalign Clear Aligners are discreet (almost invisible) and lifestyle friendly, just remove them when eating, playing sports or musical instruments, or simply brushing and flossing your teeth.

If you are concerned about the alignment of your teeth then book your free assessment today, or if you simply want to find out more about Invisalign first then please do visit our Invisalign website for further information.  We’re changing the way you smile!

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