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It’s straight back to school

- 23-August-2021 -

We hope that all our patients are enjoying the great British summer!  For our younger patients school holidays are in full swing, and days out and a little more freedom is most welcome this year.

Now that we are resuming a little ‘normality’ following 18 months of COVID 19 restrictions, we can expect our children’s busy lives to take off again.  A new school year always brings with it a list of things to get ready with uniform, school supplies and sports equipment on most parent’s minds.

Orthodontic treatment for your child may be causing ongoing concern too.  If you have already seen a dentist and your child’s teeth are not functioning correctly you may be on a waitlist for treatment. It is also possible that your child’s teeth need to straighten up a little to improve their confidence.  Waitlists for fixed braces on the NHS are still lengthy and can take up to 3 years before your child is seen.  If you’re looking for an alternative teeth straightening treatment, then you may have heard of Invisalign?

At Coach House Dental in Matlock, we offer Invisalign to straighten teeth for all ages, and many conditions.  Crooked, overcrowded or mis-aligned teeth is common in teenagers, adult teeth don’t always come through the way that we want them to but can be easily corrected.  Other conditions like an overbite or an underbite can really affect the way that teeth perform but Invisalign can correct these types of problems too.

If your teenager is becoming more self-conscious about their teeth and you’re looking to resolve this simply and conveniently then Invisalign may be the treatment you’re looking for.  Invisalign aligners are more comfortable and discreet than other types of teeth straightening treatments.  Made with smooth clear ‘SmartTrack’ material, Invisalign aligners are soft, pliable, and fit snugly around the teeth.  The aligners gradually move teeth into the desired position with the patient swapping each aligner at regular intervals for the next aligner in the set.

A huge advantage of Invisalign aligners is that they can be removed for eating, cleaning teeth, playing sports and special occasions!  Invisalign aligners should be worn for a minimum of 22 out of 24 hours but as they can easily be taken out, they will fit in perfectly with busy lives!

If you are considering Invisalign for your child, you might like to know that the aligners are custom made and consider the growth and development of teeth and jaws whilst your child is growing. Invisalign aligners are designed to allow for changes and in many cases the Invisalign treatment can move teeth without the need of extractions as is the case with conventional braces.

At Coach House Dental Practice, we offer a free initial video consultation to discuss Invisalign and determine if this treatment is the right solution for your child.  We will guide you through the Invisalign treatment process as well as discuss other options. Investing in your teenager’s teeth and enabling them to smile with confidence is an investment you won’t regret. Invisalign is a safe, reliable, and effective teeth straightening treatment which will leave your teen with a smile to show off.

Interested in finding out more about Invisalign and teeth straightening in Matlock and the surrounding areas?  Get in touch with our friendly team at Coach House Dental Practice, we are a Platinum Elite Invisalign Provider, meaning we have a wealth of experience and knowledge in this type of treatment.

If you want to know more about Invisalign before speaking to us, then please do visit our Invisalign website for lots of information and illustrations to show you just how good this treatment is.

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