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Invest in yourself with Invisalign

- 07-April-2021 -

Invisalign is the teeth straightening treatment that everyone is talking about. Many patients with dental issues such as overcrowded, misaligned or unevenly spaced teeth are jumping at the chance to learn more about this innovative teeth straightening option.

When we think of teeth straightening an immediate image that comes to mind is one of wearing a ‘train track’ brace. A metal brace is a traditional orthodontic treatment, and this option is certainly the most economical, but will it suit you and your lifestyle? Perhaps you are looking for a treatment which is a little more comfortable, discreet, and flexible … in every way! Are you ready to invest in your smile and acquire the fabulously straight teeth you’ve always dreamed of?

Invisalign aligners are transparent and are made with smooth SmartTrack material which makes straightening teeth far more comfortable. As you remove the aligners at mealtimes, and to clean your teeth, then eating and dental hygiene won’t be an issue either. If you need to take your aligner out for any other reason, for example a special occasion, a sport or physical activity, or even playing a musical instrument then you absolutely can!

Invisalign will correct overcrowding and gaps in your teeth and only you will know that you’re wearing an aligner. Just leave Invisalign to do the work whilst you get on with your life.

The Coach House Dental Practice in Matlock is a registered provider of Invisalign, and we are thrilled with the results achieved, and positive feedback received from patients who have used this system. Everything about Invisalign is more convenient and comfortable for patients,

Contact us for a free initial video consultation and you’ve taken your first steps towards a new smile. If you do decide to go ahead with Invisalign we will book your first treatment appointment where we will scan your teeth with our iTero scanner. We can take a 3D scan of your teeth to determine a treatment plan and create your custom-made aligners. The scanner avoids the need for messy moulds, and we can even show you what your teeth will look like after treatment.

Aligners need to be worn for 20-22 hours each day, and you will follow your treatment plan and switch to the next set of aligners when indicated to do so. We will also arrange regular appointments at the practice just to check everything is going to plan. The Invisalign system is the most advanced clear aligner system in the world and will move your teeth more predictably and comfortably than any other.

If you feel your teeth are worth the investment and want to find out more about Invisalign then visit our Invisalign website for further information on this amazing treatment. You can also contact us at the Coach House Dental Practice for a free Invisalign consultation and make your teeth your best asset – worth investing in don’t you think?

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